Apartments for sale in the 16th arrondissement of Paris

Do you often visit Paris on business or do you have a dream of moving to the most romantic and beautiful city in the world? In either case buying property in the French capital sounds reasonable enough. There is no need to overpay for rentals and to waste hours on searching for the proper apartment every time you need to stay here for just a couple of days.

No doubt, living in Paris is an unforgettable experience, but it is crucial to pay enough attention to choosing a location. There are 20 districts in the city, and each of them offers unique opportunities and advantages. Sure, if you want to live in a quiet and safe place and do not want to see and hear crowds of tourists in front of your windows, it is preferable to search away from the center. Still, if you plan to lead an active lifestyle and to drive all around the city on a daily basis, moving to the suburbs is not “your thing”. Consider moving to some quiet district with a well-developed infrastructure, like Paris arrondissement 16.

Let's have a look at this place in detail. That's a safe and calm district, which enjoys popularity among respectable Parisians belonging to the middle and upper class. Many of the owners of the apartments in the local residential areas are diplomats, since there is a large number of embassies situated nearby. Nobody is going to violate your personal boundaries there, locals treat privacy issues with due respect.

Purchasing an apartment in this arrondissement is also a perfect choice for a family with kids. There are reputable schools, picturesque parks and gardens, wide alleys and streets where one can safely enjoy walking or riding a bike and a huge number of magnificent historic buildings and museums, where you will have the opportunity to acquaint your children with the most famous pieces of art and to help them develop good taste.

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