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At Glamour Apartments, we’re the number one place for all your real estate needs in Paris. While we primarily offer plenty of apartments and holiday homes for rent, we also deal with a lot of property consultancy too. We help property owners to sell their apartments in Paris and in south of France. We also help people to buy the apartment for their needs, offering a wide range of amazing choices.

Long-term apartments rentals in Paris from experienced property consultant

We have a small team here at Glamour Apartments, but what we lack in size we make up for in our knowledge of real estate in Paris. You won’t find a better team of estate agents around; we’ve become experts in this field.

The reason we have such a small team is because we like to create a family atmosphere in the office. We want everyone working together towards the same goals, and this translates when we deal with clients. People come to us looking for a property consultant to help them sell their home, and we take it very seriously. It almost feels like it’s our home, and we want to get the best price possible in the sale. We work closely with you on every step of your journey until the property leaves your possession and the contracts are signed.

Likewise, we also work closely with anyone looking to buy a property in Paris. We’ve got such a massive selection of beautiful properties for sale, and we help match you up with the perfect one.

€3300 per month

Available Now Apartment 75 m²

Apartments for rent in France

Apartment rentals is our speciality, and we have loads up for rent if you’re only looking to stay in Paris for a short time or to rent long-term. But, if you want to make a permanent move here - or simply fancy investing in a great buy-to-let opportunity - then there are some amazing apartments for sale here too. Again, we have so many different sizes to choose from, and so many great locations as well. You’re truly spoilt for choice here! As well as these two property types, we also have various other types of property for sale, including lofts and yachts. Alongside this, we have a few commercial properties too. This includes some salons, hotels, and plenty of other things too. If you’re searching for commercial investment in Paris, then we’ve got you sorted.

Rent in Paris by arrondissements (districts)

Paris has 20 districts, and we are glad to propose you not only great variety of the apartments in If you already decided in which district you'd like to stay, please chose the district below and check out available apartments there. all Parisian districts, but also in Hauts-de-Seine and in the nearest suburbs of Paris.

Holiday apartment rentals

If you take a look at the property for sale on our website, you’ll see we have so many holiday apartment rental choices for you to mull over. As well as offering holiday properties for people with various budgets. Plan your vacation and pick the best apartment or condo of your choice to make your Paris remarkable. Our team is here to help you find the property of your choice easily.

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If you’re looking for a serious real estate that can manage your property, all you have to do is to call us right now or fill in the form for landlords on our website.

If you’re searching for an apartment to buy or to rent, visit rent or sale section on our website.

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