Apartments for sale in Normandy

Do you live in Paris, but want to have some cozy and quiet place to spend weekends and vacations away from the large city? Then consider the option of buying property in Normandy.

As you have probably heard, this seaside region is located close to Paris. In fact, it will take you just 2–3 hours to get to it from the French capital, and one should note that there are direct train and bus runs, which is also a significant advantage.

Normandy is known for its picturesque scenery: the shiny sky, the azure sea, golden sands, endless emerald valleys, mighty mountains, majestic and mysterious ancient castles and fortresses. It is the place, where a large number of great personalities, including Monet, Prust, Maupassant, Flaubert, drew their inspiration. No doubt, the beauty of the local landscapes keeps enchanting each and every guest of the region till our days.

Spending a vacation in this region is also a great opportunity to improve your health. No doubt, bathing in the warm waters of the English Channel and breathing the fresh sea air will contribute to that, but there is a good selection of thalassotherapy complexes as well.

As you can see, buying an apartment with several bedrooms in Normandy is a good investment for a family with kids, that is a more practical and profitable option than rentals. In case you have got interested, have a look at the property objects that are currently available for sale. If you have any questions, contact our support team.


Apartment 14800 Deauville 73 m² 4

Apartment 14800 Bonneville-sur-Touques 87 m² 5