Apartments for rent in the 6th district of Paris

Glamour Apartments offers over 40 rental properties in the historical 6th arrondissement of the French capital. Book one of them and stay in one of the most glamorous districts of Paris which is located along the left bank of the Seine. The Saint-Germain neighborhood is a perfect place for indulging in an alluring, retro-chic atmosphere. No wonder this area was always popular with poets, artists and writers, including such greats as Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Picasso, and Gertrude Stein.

By living here, you can get an everyday inspiration from the picturesque narrow streets, secret little courtyards, and the impressive Haussmann buildings. Choose from the list of fully furnished studios and apartments that are great for short- and long-term rent. They are minutes away from the most popular attractions such as the manicured Luxembourg Gardens and the Musée du Luxembourg established in the 1750s. The sixth arrondissement is a prestigious neighborhood filled with art and luxury: there are art galleries, designer boutiques, and antique shops on every corner.

Rents in here are high yet reasonable, considering the fact it is the most charming and sophisticated area that still attracts the rich and famous. The area is perfect for both living and spending chic Parisian vacation: there are lots of upscale restaurants on the map. It has everything that la haute société would ever want, and we are not afraid to say that the 6th arrondissement is indeed a moveable feast. So, come here and celebrate your life in the very heart of Paris!

€2581 per month

Avail. from 20 January 2021 Apartment 50 m²
€1579 per month

Avail. from 29 June Apartment 18 m²
€1861 per month

Available Now Apartment 25 m²
€1750 per month

Avail. from 31 May Apartment 45 m²
€2160 per month

Available Now Apartment 55 m²
€1200 per month

Avail. from 25 May Apartment 20 m²
€2790 per month

Avail. from 29 November Apartment 55 m²
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