Apartments for rent in the 20th district of Paris

Most tourists think that Paris Arrondissement 20 is a romantic and quiet place located close to the outskirts of the French capital, where one can enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful nature and the countryside atmosphere to the full. Indeed, the district is best-known for the Parc de Belleville and Père Lachaise Cemetery, and these landmarks are famous enough. But that's only one side of this place ― the one that is described in travel brochures and contributes to the tourist potential of the city.

But there is another side, which at times (at sunset-to-sunrise time mainly) looks much less attractive. Paris district 20 is a working class area. The majority of its inhabitants have arrived from other countries and tend to earn living by breaking the law, for example, by robbing tourists, selling drugs or prostituting themselves. And that's not about any kind of prejudices against immigrants, these are well-known facts. So, if you want to see local attractions, make a trip during daytime, but be sure to get away from there before it gets dark. It is also recommended taking special precautions, if you plan to visit Père Lachaise Cemetery, that's one of the most dangerous spots.

It is also noteworthy that in recent years the popularity of the district has rapidly increased. Due to a good selection of property, affordable rentals and low prices at the cafes and in the shops, many students consider it to be a suitable place for living. It is also popular among artists and other creative people, since there are plenty locations, where one can create a workroom.

Still, we cannot recommend you rent an apartment in this district, since there are high safety risks. In addition, it is located too far from the center and main tourist attractions, so, it is just unreasonable to stay there, if you want to get acquainted with the city.

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