Rent chalet near Paris – Ile-de-France

You love France and spend your vacation here with pleasure, however hotel rooms and urban flats are already not what you want? You would like to stay in more lonely spots where you could feel a true calm in the circle of your dear ones, and at the same time it’s important to be close to the civilization?

In that case your choice is a country house, a large mansion or a real chalet – places where your family vacation, friendly or corporate recreation with colleagues will be truly unforgettable!

Apartment #2901 in Saint-Cyr-sous-Dourdan by @glamourapart
Real estate agency “Glamour Apartments” would like to offer you a possibility of renting such accommodation in Ile-de-France region not far from Paris. Vacation in a private mansion or a chalet in the bosom of nature gives you bright impressions of acquaintance with life of the true Frenchmen and communication with your friends and relatives as well.