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Amidst the accolade, prestige and glamour of the international ski circuit, the highlight of an effective career as a professional skier should be to take home a gold medal at the Winter Olympics. An achievement that the aforementioned Jean-Claude Killy magnificently (and controversially in case of the slalom) pulled off in all three of the menʼs events at the 1968 Olympiad held in Grenoble, France. Show more…

Nice has slightly decreased in popularity as a holiday resort for the affluent but itʼs a still a brilliant spot to rent vacation accommodation. It is situated over the picturesque Cot dʼAzur coastline and boasts many months of warm summer sunshine.

Itʼs the objective of this short article to offer the typical reader using a comprehensive picture of worldʼs largest culture a continent now top contemporary scholars refer to it as the ʼthe cradle of civilizationʼ. This chronology attempts to address refined and intelligent readers whoʼd never previously read anything serious from the first times to the most recent.

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