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The majority of My Piece of the Pie functions with a timely edge on class structure along with the condition of the whole worldʼs economy as an odd-couple story. These initial sections of the picture are not regular and structurally and thematically unpredictable, but at least they hold their own with some decent performances as well as a couple of well-placed moments of levity. But then weʼre smacked upside the head with a closing action that is grossly implausible disagreeable, and painfully misguided in its efforts to create a statement. Show more…

Witness by the Church is Gini Andingʼs latest book starring food critic Amy Page and French researcher Jean-Michel Jolivet, ardent lovers living together in Paris. In each "Witness" novel, Amy is the key-yet unwitting-witness to some crime. Amy is not an amateur sleuth and never sets out to help the authorities unlike most mystery novels starring a female lead. In "Witness by the Church," Amy doesnʼt understand she holds the key clue to a major offense, until she becomes the target of several botched assassination efforts. While Amy is the primary witness to the mystery at hand in each novel, she also serves as the readerʼs witness to particular cultural, historical, geographic and culinary particulars and occasions," Anding says. "Everything in my novels is meticulously studied and documented. A great read should be entertaining without forfeiting the facts."

After the scourge of the Black Death in the Vallis Bona (or Valbonne to you and I) during the 16th century, the Bishop of Grasse and the abbot of Lerins decided the valley had to be repopulated. They chose to plan the village on an ancient Roman grid system, making the village unique, a la New York and contrary to other hamlets in the south of France, which have a tendency to follow the curves of the hills. Valbonne is a charming medieval hamlet inland in the Alpes- Maritimes, north-west of Antibes and to the north of the Provencal autoroute A8.

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