Place Geneviève-de-Gaulle-Anthonioz

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The nationʼs recent accession in the EU, together with the low prices and rich property eased by the building boom, are leading many British skiers and snowboarders to leapfrog their traditional favourite ski areas in France, Switzerland and Austria, in favour of Bulgariaʼs more modestly priced mountains.

ʼSki accommodation onlyʼ is the self-catering facet of flats and chalets. The customer is granted the liberty to settle in his own conditions, an edge for both parties by these residences. While the occupants pay for the duration of the accommodations just, rendering it very efficient and practical, the landlords incur less price.

Price for real estate on Place Geneviève-de-Gaulle-Anthonioz

  • Minimum for 1 m²
  • Average for 1 m²
  • Maximum for 1 m²
  • Place for investment
  • Quarterly evolution
  • Yearly evolution
  • 5 year evolution

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