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In the 1950ʼs camping vacations in the UK were a pretty dismal encounter as there were really few dedicated camping sites other that farmerʼs fields where youʼre as prone to wake up next to a ruminating cow passing wind, or, quite possibly, something worse. Happily our parents were not unaware of the dangers of Scabies from sheep ticks and thatʼs one good reasons for our camping vacations in France. My first memory of a proper camping holiday, (I mean "proper" as opposed to a weekend or two getting totally soaked in the English rain) was in the...

The French Alps has much more to offer than you expect. In case you are a nature-lover, a sports- enthusiast, venture - a history or addict - freak, French Alps has something for you. No matter which corner of the world you are coming from, a tour to its wonderful landscape flanked by Provence-Alpes, Cote Rhone-Alpes and dʼAzur are going to be a memorable encounter.

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