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Marketplace figures recently released for the first quarter of 2008 reveal positive consequences with lakeside and mountain resorts continuing to perform well, on earth of alpine property. In spite of several parts of France and the house marketplace slow down experienced in britain, property worth in several resorts in the French Alps grew in the entire year between April 2007 and March 2008. Show more…

There is really some great news from across the Station, in these challenging economic times. While we are drowning in a sea of gloomy property reports, property in France apparently sails on, rapidly riding the waves of a worldwide property crisis with scarcely a dent in her bow.

Purchasing a home in France - If you are among those many folks abroad who are considering taking advantage of the now quite attractive costs on the French property market, you may find several of the following points helpful. In passing, this really is written on the premise that you are a citizen of a European Union country and doesnʼt discuss matters such as visa and residency issues etc. The process The great news in the outset is the fact that French property buying procedures are almost surely virtually identical to...

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