Rue de la Folie-Regnault

France outside of Paris is in many ways a "multiple feast" in much exactly the same way that Ernest Hemingway described his experience residing in Paris as a "Moveable Feast." Each city, each state presents an alternate culture and an alternative appearance. It gave me a chance to get a taste of the life and customs of the locals, market to market, wine to cider, olive oil to apple juice, modest cafe in a little hamlet to posh restaurant in Aix-en-Provence. Show more…

I like watching videos with my morning java. I do my best to follow my own timeline, although sometimes itʼs an afternoon coffee. This morning I saw the Palace of Versailles is going to be a luxurious hotel soon. It made me question the reason why they would take action. Why shifting something of cultural heritage to something commercial?

This short article looks at the connection between the Anglophobia which exists in Scotland and support for Scottish independence. Even though the SNP claim not to be anti-English and would like to be observed as putting forward a type of civic nationalism based entirely on residency, itʼs clear from a little investigation this civic nationalism is founded on ethnic nationalism and cannot exist without it that. The urge for liberty therefore is rooted firmly in the age old hatred of the closest neighbour in Scotland.

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    6183 €
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    7704 €
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    9572 €
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