Lunch in Paris

Each of us knows that French cuisine is considered one of the best in the world, so the main goal for many tourists coming to Paris is visiting local cafes and restaurants and tasting of French dishes.

We have to recognize that today a good gastronomic cuisine in Paris costs not very cheap, so when you will visit café of restaurant be ready to pay around 70 euros per person. A striking example of this is cafe Taillevent, but cuisine here is truly magical.

Reading menu in Parisian restaurants, pay special attention to such words as «menu» and «formula». Using them, local restaurateurs inform their clients that it is a complex lunch, which includes several dishes. And the most important thing in this order – its lower cost if compare with the order on the usual menu.

What to try? Parisian restaurants are famous for such wonderful dishes as snails in sauce, ratatouille (a dish with zucchini, eggplant and peppers), quiche (pie, stuffed with many ingredients), creme brulee, onion soup, all kinds of seafood. Just do not ask all of this at once, prolong your pleasure.

Speaking on cafes, bistros and restaurants in Paris, we must say that there are lots of them in this magnificent city. You can be sure that always find a place to make yourself glad trying delicious (and not very) dishes of French cuisine. There is only one nuance that must be taken into account. On Sunday many of the food service institutions in Paris work on a very specific schedule (from 12:00 to 15: 00 and from 18:00 to 22:00), and some of them are closed.

In Paris there are also many cafes and restaurants owned by immigrants from other countries. There you can get know cuisine of such countries as China, Vietnam, Algeria, India. Dinner in such places is more cheap than in classic French restaurants. A lot of these restaurants are located in the popular tourist place – Latin Quarter, near metro Saint-Michel.

We publish a list of places with good food you can visit in Paris without worrying that lunch or dinner will cost a large sum of money.

Café Leon et Bruxelles (restaurant chain)

Specialization of this restaurant chain is mussels with low prices. Thus, a big portion of delicious mussels with French fries will cost from 10 euros. Girls can order one portion for two person. Believe, it is really big. The best dessert – Belgian waffles.

Berthillon (29-31 rue Saint Louis en l’ile, metro Pont Marie)

In Bertillon you’ll be offered the best ice cream, what can be found in Paris. Menu has more than 70 unique varieties!

Official site:

Paul Boulangerie

The real  Parisian brand with a legendary history and traditions. This bakery is one of the best in the city on Seine. It offers many different sorts of pastries, breads, sandwiches and sweets.

Prices? For example, Quiche-Laurent is 2.85, sandwiches with ham and cheese – 4.5 Euro.
Website baker:

Chartier (7, rue du Faubourg Montmartre)

Famous, beloved, hated, unique, adorable, criticized, praised… All these and many other epithets are used connecting with this restaurant, opened at the end of the XIX century. Food here is cheap (some people say that it’s tasteless, and criticize the restaurant) and wine is tasty (for that the restaurant is loved). In any case, the place does not leave anyone indifferent.


Chez Gladines (30, rue des Cinq-Diamants, metro Corvisart)

Very decent restaurant, offering French and Basque cuisine. This restaurant is filled with visitors almost always, but you will not wait for a table for a long time. Pluses of the restaurant: big tasty portions, low prices, inexpensive wine. In addition, it’s a favourite café of many usual Parisians with whom you can chat in a relaxed atmosphere. We strongly recommend you to try snails, salad “5 diamants» and wine “Iregoulay”.

Laperouse (51, quai des Grands Augustins)

It is very old and romantic Parisian restaurant where many men made marriage proposals to their  darlings for a long time. Notable reminder about this – a mirror with numerous scratches from rings with precious stones, which men gave their brides. The cuisine is also very good and affordable.

Les Papilles

This wonderful wine shop-restaurant is located near beautiful Luxembourg Gardens. Les Papilles is included in prestigious Michelin Guide rating, but in spite of this, costs of local dishes is not the highest. Average table d’hôte lunch will cost you around 25 Euro.

Chez Clement (restaurant chain)

Classic chain restaurants. Inexpensive French cuisine. You should not wait any culinary delights here. Local residents have recently complained about service, but if you are very hungry you can visit them. Menus and addresses of all cafes of the chain are here.

Café des Deux Moulins (15, rue Lepic, one block from famous cabaret Moulin Rouge)

Café is remarkable because the main character of the popular film “Amelie” Amelie Poulain worked here. Fans of this film consider it a mandatory part of the route visiting Paris. However, in reality interior of the cafe is not very like on the screen. Nevertheless, there are a lot of tourists always. The menu has a creme brulee, named in honor of Amelie. But we advise not to stay here for a long time, have a cup of coffee and go for a walk in Montmartre, where there is many more colorful restaurants.

L’Absinthe Café (54, rue de Turbigo)

Superb bistro with fantastic food and reasonable prices. It is located in a quiet pleasant street in the central 3rd arrondissement of Paris. Just do not confuse it with the famous restaurant Absinthe in the 1st district.

Au Fil des Saisons (6, rue des Fontaines du Temple)

Here you can have tasty and inexpensive lunch or dinner. Cuisine is really gourmet, we recommend to try “the duck”, local chefs prepare it by the original recipe, and for dessert – a delicious ice cream.

Le Bar a Soupes (33, rue de Charonne, near Place de la Bastille)

If you like soups, this place is ideal! Just imagine, 10 Euros and you get a menu of wonderful French soup (your choice from 6 sorts), bread, cheese or other desserts, coffee, wine.

Le Jardin de Varenne (79, rue de Varenne)

Inexpensive cafe with interesting interior is situated in a park near a museum of the great sculptor Rodin. In menu you’ll find sandwiches, salads and many kinds of delicious ice cream.

CHEZ PAPA (café chain in Paris)

The owners of this café chain offer visitors a traditional French cuisine of south-west of the country. In the menu we can underline dishes of duck, goose and foie gras. These cafes are good, so come in boldly.

Café de Mars (11, rue Augereau)

If you are a fan of Cuban cocktails and flavored vodka with a nice quiet music, you’ll like this cafe. Cuisine is decent and prices are more than affordable.