Who is the richest in France

November 13, 2018 / Various

Gfk agency carried out a research on the level of disposable income and found out that in 2018 the Frenchmen are at the 13th position in Europe. On average, every French resident can spent (purchasing power) 20040 Euro per year (after taxes payments), while an average European only 14290 Euro.

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Real estate in Paris: Brexit Influence

November 5, 2018 / Real Estate

It can be strange that Brexit has an influence on the price of real estate in Paris – but that’s true. France and Britain are neighbour countries, and many Frenchmen work in the Albion. And coming Brexit forces a lot of wealthy guest workers to go back to the homeland.

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Paris Fan Museum

October 19, 2018 / Art & Culture

We have repeatedly noted that Parisian sights are not limited with Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. Of course, we exaggerate, however, in addition to advertised museums, churches and cabarets in Paris, there are many interesting places that are not known to a wide circle of people. One of these is the Fan Museum.

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Wine Museum in Paris

September 27, 2018 / Art & Culture

France is a country of winemaking, known around the world for quality of its wines, and it’s even a little bit surprising what we have not still mentioned the Wine Museum on the pages of our blog, which, for sure, will be interesting to many tourists coming to Paris.

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Cabaret Lido

August 22, 2018 / Art & Culture

Talking about the best Parisian cabarets, we can’t go by a cabaret Lido – a representative of TOP-4 the most popular and famous cabarets of the French capital, along with Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse and Paradis Latin.

In spite of Le Lido is the youngest of them, it’s an elegant and exquisite entertaining facility attracting even the most demanding audience.

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Cabaret Paradis Latin

August 16, 2018 / Art & Culture

If you’ve been in Paris or just learned the information about this city, so you surely know its famous cabarets – at least, Moulin Rouge and Crazy Horse. But they are not the only such establishments covered with glory and came into history of the French capital. From the point of fabulosity and popularity, the cabaret Paradis Latin is on the same level with foregoing ones.

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Village Saint-Paul

July 18, 2018 / Travel

Surely, you will not be surprised if we tell you that Paris is a city where there is everything – even the most seemingly amazing places. Museums and galleries, markets and parks… This is all you have already seen, and if you have not seen, then read about them a lot of interesting things. But have you heard that there is a village in the city on the Seine? So, that’s true! And this is Le Village Saint-Paul.

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Ile de la Cite – the heart of Paris

July 12, 2018 / Travel

Paris is a city with a long and glorious history, very beautiful architecture and lots of famous sights which attract millions tourists from around the world. There are so many interesting places and inexperienced traveller can have trouble to choose those which should be visited firstly. However, there are such ones you just can’t ignore – as by the reason of their historical and touristic value as by their location. Cite Island (Ile de la Cite) is among them definitely.

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Jardin des Plantes – nature, science, pleasure…

June 8, 2018 / Travel

Paris is interesting at any time, however, in summer the city blossoms – and not only thanks to colorful garbs of Parisians and guests of the capital. Many parks bloom and delights giving a good mood. Jardin des Plantes (or Botanical Garden) – one of such places, and being in Paris visit it in your free time. Parisian Botanical Garden is a true French pride with a rich history.

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