Ecole Militaire

The Ecole Militaire (English: Military School) is a vast complex of buildings housing various military teaching facilities located in Paris, France, southeast of the Champ de Mars.

It was founded by Louis XV in 1750 on the basis of a proposal of the financier Joseph Paris (known as Duverney) with the support of Madame de Pompadour, with the aim of creating an academic college for cadet officers from poor families. It was designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel, and construction began in 1752 on the grounds of the farm of Grenelle, but the school did not open until 1760. The Comte de Saint-Germain reorganised it in 1777 under the name of the Ecole des Cadets-gentilshommes (School of Young Gentlemen), which accepted the young Napoleon Bonaparte in 1784. He graduated from this school in only one year instead of the two years.