Jardin des Plantes

The Botanical Garden Jardin des plantes is a part of the Museum of Natural Sciences. Today it is the oldest one from public gardens of Paris. The garden has been founded in 1635 by doctors of Louis XIII. At that time garden was named the Royal Garden of Medical Grasses and Plants and has been intended for cultivation of medicinal grasses for the royal needs. It was used also for studying medicine and pharmacy.

At various times in Jardin des plantes worked such known botanists as Leclerc, Jussieu, Lamarck. You can find monuments to these scientists in different parts of the garden.

The Botanical Garden of Paris is divided into separate zones: the Rosary, the Garden of Irises, the Alpine Garden, the Garden of Useful Plants. The Harmless Garden is a forest occupied by animals, birds, insects. Also there is an Educational Garden which is created specially for children. Among other things on the territory of the Botanical garden there is situated The Gallery of Evolution (Grande galerie de l’évolution). Different parts of this gallery show all stages of life evolution beginning from amphibians.

The Evolution Gallery as well as the Botanical Garden is reconstructing now under the Program of Updating of the Museum of Natural Sciences. It is planned to finish works by the end of 2011.

  • The botanical garden is opened 8.00 -.17.30
  • Admission: free of charge
  • Address: place Jardin des Plantes – 57, rue Cuvier
  • Metro station: Gare d’Austerlitz, Place Monge