Fontaine Saint-Michel

Saint-Michel’s Fountain decorates itself small but crowded square. From here it is good to start walks across Paris. This is also a good place for meetings because the sight is appreciable and metro station has the same name.

The Fountain has been created by the French architect Gabriel David in 1855. It represents Archangel Michael who has won in fight with the demons and is trampling by feet the devil. Except a direct iconographic scene the fountain has also additional sense. Some historians say that symbolism of the sculpture represents «Napoleon’s victorious wars in Europe», the clergy says it is «a victory of Christianity over paganism». Anyhow, the sculpture shows us enthusiasm of a victory.

Among inhabitants of Paris the Fountain of Saint-Michel is considered to be a fountain of enamoured’s. Procedure is usual to turn a back to the fountain and to throw a coin in water, having thought of romantic desire. The sculpture of Archangel Michael is created so beautifully that it is possible to name safely it  is «a man’s embodiment of Aphrodite». Possibly, because of  this fact the fountain is popular as a fountain of the enamoured.

In area of the fountain it is a lot of cafe in which it is possible to eat tasty.

  • 75005, square Sen-Mishel in Latin quarter.
  • Metro station: Saint-Michel