District 5

District 5 (Pantheon) – is a real student Paris. Cultural center of the area is the Sorbonne – world famous university. This is a very old school and during the Middle Ages teaching in the Sorbonne was provided in Latin language. All complex of picturesque buildings of the Sorbonne University is placed in Latin Quarter.

In addition to the Sorbonne in the fifth arrondissement of Paris there are still several prestigious educational institutions: Collège de France situated on the Marcelin Berthelot Square; the old building of the Polytechnic School placed on the Mount of Sainte-Geneviève, and the Ecole Normale Superieure on the Ulm street. Here are students coming from many countries around the world, so Latin Quarter looks like multicultural.

In 1968, the Latin Quarter of Paris was the scene of student actions. But today this area is much more quiet and traditional. A well-known boulevard Saint-Michel has converted from the hustle and radical in a large commercial center. If you prefer small shops and themed cafes, you’ll find them in the streets around the Boulevard Saint Michel. Very noisy student street is now Mouffetard, which is comprised almost entirely from bars and restaurants.

Historic Paris is presented in the 5th district with many ancient buildings, cathedrals, terms. Here are  – the remains of the walls of the XII century. If you’re interested in multicultural Paris, student’s life or antique, so you need to rent an apartment in this district.