Place du Parvis

The Square Parvis (Place du Parvis) near the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris is the real heart of Paris. All nationalFrench roads are starting from here. The zero kilometer is designated on the square as a bronze plate which is polished by feet of numerous tourists. They say, your desire will become true if you put one foot on zero kilometer and turn round having thought about it. The Parisian Madonna will help you.

Place du Parvis was very important during the time of Christianization. For the first, together with the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris it replaced Gallo-Roman temple of Jupiter. For the second, Place du Parvis since XII century had special educational functions. On Cathedral facades are represented scenes from the bible. The majorities of parishioners were illiterate or poor and could not study the bible from books. They came on Place du Parvis to get information from iconographic scenes.

Near to the area are located Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, Hôtel-Dieu, the Prefecture Palace.