District 4

District 4 today is known as ultrafashionable. Marais is a dream of all subjugators of Paris and is especially popular. Achievement of the social status when it will be possible to move safely in a quarter Mare is a dream of many provincials and inhabitants of less prestigious districts.

The heart of Marais is Place des Vosges. Houses situated along of this square were residences of kings of France in previous times. All buildings of this quarter represent monuments of architecture with the spikes, penthouses and non-standard building decisions of the last centuries. To live here is very beautiful, prestigious, but also it is expensive.

The Сentre Pompidou located here becomes the new centre of today Parisian bohemia. In general, 4th Parisian district is kind of unique. Being placed on the right conservative coast it contains in itself rather various public. Besides, there is the oldest Jewish community of Paris. Since XIII century area of rue des Rosiers is occupied by Jews. Today all indexes and inscriptions are duplicated here in a Hebrew. Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie and rue Vieille du Temple are consist the Parisian gay village.

To stay in this district is not so easily, but it is not impossible. Rent apartment in this 4th district and you will be surrounded with spirit of the Parisian legends: Notre Dame de Paris, Tour Saint-Jacques, Île Saint-Louis, Maison de Victor Hugo…