District 3

In the third district of Paris, as well as in the fourth district, are concentrated lots of Parisian buildings from the time of XVI-XVIII centuries. Traditionally, there lived the Parisian dynasty belonging to the royal family and other wealthy nobles. It is really Royal Paris with it’s palaces and mansions. Most of them are now converted into museums and other places of public use. For example, the Hotel Carnavalet is now a Museum of history of Paris.  Mansion Sully today is the Picasso Museum.

The third area is rich in tourist attractions. Republic Square, a wonderful architectural structure is a tower of Saint-Jacques, the Opera Bastille, the house-museum of Victor Hugo, the so-called “hotel-partikyule” (mansions), Place des Vosges, and much more for every taste. Museum of Cognac-VE, incidentally, is not associated with strong drink – a museum of French art of the XVIII century. In the 3rd District also houses the National Archives of France, more precisely, its administrative part and a part of the store. In general, in the fourth district of the Temple throughout the luxury and splendor.