District 18

18th district of Paris is some kind of an exception from the rules. Despite that it is situated on the Right bank, on spirit it absolutely “left-bank”. It is sad, but the bohemian centre of Montmartre is superseded by tourists for a long time already. From a Bohemianism of the last century only a history and memoirs are left here.

Modern 18th district one of the cheapest, but because of presence here Montmartre with the glory of a haven of artists it is still very far to “bottom” for this district. The matter is that art workers were not so rich and they were much poorer in comparison with today’s bohemia. Once here lived and painted Toulouse-Lautrec, Modigliani, Picasso. In XIX-XX centuries in galleries of Montmartre were exposed almost every artist of that time. Today there are sidewalk artists selling souvenirs with kinds of Paris and offering to write your portrait on the Tertre Square (Place du Tertre).

The 18 district is completely not rich with sights. Perhaps, the unique “classical” monument of architecture is Sacré Cœur Cathedral. From its tower opens very nice view to Paris. The second sight is a Montmartre hill with its uncountable «the house in which lived …» and «cafe in which it was possible to meet …», and also cheap souvenirs you can by here. The basic value of this district, if you decide to stop here, is its spirit which has still kept the poetry and French atmosphere, despite a considerable quantity of tourists and immigrants. And the price of apartments if you want to rent apartment here, will seem to you quite accessible.

Quarters of Montmartre:

  • Quartier des Grandes-Carrières
  • Quartier de Clignancourt
  • Quartier de la Goutte-d’Or
  • Quartier de La Chapelle