District 14

14-th district of Paris, The Observatory, refers to the historical city center. The building of the Paris Observatory itself is quite modest. In the same building the Astronomical Museum is located.

The main historical attraction of the 14 th District are the famous Parisian Catacombs (Catacombes de Paris). Today this network of tunnels and caves is used as a cemetery. For tourists only small part of the catacombs is opened and includes museums and chapels.

14th area is known by the main train station of the capital – Gare-Montparnasse and the Boulevard Montparnasse itself, whose glory has passed already. The peak of “life” of this district took place in 1970es. At that time the parties in Paris Montparnasse were full of ideas and artistic discoveries. Today it is only one of the nightlife centers of Paris.

But in the evenings «free track» for inline skating is crowded with thousands of people. The route goes around the park Montsouris and stretches along the esplanade of Gare-Montparnasse. In recent years it is one of the most popular sport routes of Paris.

Also in the 14th District you can visit the Museum of Modern Art Cartier Foundation (Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain), Lenin Museum located on the Marie-Rose street, Park Jardin Atlantique, a nonprofit museum of Montparnasse acquainting visitors with the history and culture of the district.