District 13

13th district of Paris – is the heart of Paris East. The historical part of fashionable establishments is already left behind and here is the Parisian Chinatown. The National Library named after Francois Mitterrand (Bibliotheque Nationale, BNF) is the main decoration of 13th Parisian area. It has the most extensive collection of French-language literature in the world and is the largest library in France. Modern footbridge Passerelle Bercy-Tolbiac leads you from the library complex to the Bercy park. To the South there is older bridge Pont de Tolbiac across the Seine and it leads you back into the quarters of music studios, art galleries, cheaper restaurants and clubs.

Gobelins factory gave its name to the 13 th Arrondissement – des Gobelins. Masters of the factory more than 400 years have kept the secret of making the French tapestries. But most importantly for you is understanding that Paris has its own Silk Road. And this atmosphere is kept all over 13th district. In it’s restaurants, impregnated with spices, menus and signs written in kanji and Parisian Asians around you.