District 11

11-th district of Paris as well as the 10 th has two names and it is called Popincourt or the Place Bastille (Place Bastille). The main place of historical importance here is the Place de la Bastille in place of the notorious French fortress-prison. Bastille fortress itself was demolished after the French Revolution, and its walls were dismantled for other constructions by people within three years. Today, the famous prison is only three rows of paving stones laid around the perimeter of the former fortress. Also on it is installed the July column (1980) built in memory of “Three Days of Glory” during the July Revolution.

Today the Place de la Bastille – it’s quite popular and trendy place. In bars and restaurants of Quarter de la Bastille is quite noisy. Also in the 11-th District you can find the famous music halls of the 1930-ies. A more serious institution is the complex Opera Bastille (opera de la Bastille).

It is popular enough to visit such places as the old handicraft quarters on the Rue du Faubourg-St-Antoine, Winter Circus (Cirque d’Hiver), Church of Saint-Moore, a beautiful boulevard Bon Marche.