1st District

The 1st arrondissement of Paris, as you can see from the title, is the true heart of this magnificent city. History has given this place a lot, including the world-famous Louvre, Place Vendome, Jardin des Tuileries, Rue de Rivoli and many other sights. In the first district there are shopping centers, boutiques,  state agencies.

2nd District

The 2nd administrative district is also the central part of Paris. The feature of the architecture of this area is its magnificent buildings, built in the beginning of the 20th century for evolutive companies of that time. We recommend to visit Opera Comique, Grand Rex, Galleries of Colbert and Vivien, Notre-Dame-des-Victoire.

3rd District

The 3rd District is one of the oldest (it was inhabited as early as 13 – 14 centuries) central districts of Paris. Its most remarkable part is Marais district, which many travelers consider one of the most romantic places on the planet. Sights: Republic Square, Boulevards du Temple and Saint-Denis, Picasso and Carnavalet museums.

4th District

The symbols of the 4th district of Paris are the city’s municipality in the building of Hotel de Ville, Marais, Centre Pompidou, Chatelet Square, Bastille and Place des Vosges, the tower of Saint-Jacques, a house-museum of Victor Hugo, and, of course, the famous cathedral of Notre Dame. As it is a popular touristic area, so, be very careful about pickpockets, who can deprive you a wallet.

5th District

The 5th district of Paris is a constant noise, fun and democracy, what makes it a favored destination for thousands of tourists. A visiting card of the area is the Latin Quarter, where Parisians and tourists feel comfortably. Here you will enjoy the Boulevard Saint-Michel, Luxembourg Gardens, Pantheon, Cluny, a botanical garden and the church of Saint-Severin and other sights.

6th District

This is an elite district of Paris, characterized by 6-7 storey houses of the “classical” building up. The major sights include Luxembourg Palace, New Bridge, Saint-Germain-des-Pres, Clauser de Lila, Odeon Theatre.

7th District

The main symbol of the present Paris, the Eiffel Tower with the Field of Mars, many ancient palaces and mansions, Invalides, Bourbon Palace, Musée d’Orsay, Basilica of St. Clotilde… All these and other sights are just in the 7th arrondissement.

8th District

The main sight of the 8th district of Paris is, of course, Champs Elysees – perhaps, the most famous avenue in the world. The luxury of this city: smart buildings, exhibition halls, boutiques, famous restaurants, theaters and music halls are here. Arc de Triomphe, Grand Palais and Petit Palais, Place de la Concorde – they are all located in this area.

9th District

In the 9th district the life is measured and calm, so the fans of nightlife will not find this place attractive. However, in the area there are such interesting establishments as the Opera Garnier, a famous music hall Olympia, Galeries Lafayette, Folies Bergère cabaret, Notre-Dame-de-Loret. You can always walk along Grand Boulevards.

10th District

First of all, the 10th arrondissement of Paris is remarkable by Rue Saint-Martin and Saint-Denis, founded by the King Louis XIV in honor of his great services. Today, there are numerous cafes, restaurants and shops here. Quay of Saint-Martin canal attracts in the evening a large number of loving couples, skaters and cyclists. Rue Saint-Denis – a place where the prostitutes and sex shops are. Also the Republic Square and the Church of the St Vincent de Paul can be interesting for tourists.

11th District

The 11th arrondissement of Paris is the exact antithesis of the 9th district, the life boils up here always. Especially clearly it is manifested in the Place de la Bastille and around it, where people have fun with songs and dances during all 24 hours. The surrounding area has cafes, restaurants and nightclubs.

12th District

The 12th district of the capital can’t be called a rich in sights, but there is a special street with shops of local artisans, where you can buy a variety of interesting and useful things. In addition, the area is a large green area thanks to Bois de Vincennes and Park Bercy.

13th District

A few decades ago the 13th district of Paris was the industrial area with many enterprises. Now it’s mostly a bedroom community with modern buildings, including nearly three dozen skyscrapers. What can we see? The Square of Italy, Paris China Town, the old factory of gobelins, la Butte aux Cailles.

14th District

The 14th District, more precisely the famous Montparnasse, is a place for lovers. At least people say so. The area is famous also with its small but interesting museums. Park Montsouris, Catacombs, Paris Observatory are located in this district.

15th District

The 15th District is restraint and calm, there are no significant touristic sights, but well-developed infrastructure is. Area is equally popular among tourists and locals. What can we recommend for a visit? Montparnasse tower, museum of Bourdelle, Postal Museum, Swan Island.

16th District

The 16th district of Paris is a residence of those people who simply can not afford to live in poverty, i.e. the rich part of Parisian society. Its main feature – luxurious mansions and expensive cars. It is extremely rare to see immigrants here, an ordinary lunch at a local restaurant would cost 100 euros and more. The interesting places: Tokyo Palace, museum of Balzac, Wine museum, museum of Baccarat crystal, Radio House, Palace de Chaillot, museum of Dapper.

17th District

Louvre and Versailles are out of the 17th District, but there is the Palace of Congresses, where interesting exhibitions to be held, and you can visit them. The architecture in the area is very original and attractive, there are many elegant buildings. You can take a pleasant walk in the park Monceau.

18th District

Have you ever been at the legendary Montmartre? If not, then your road is directly to the 18th arrondissement of Paris! Even if every one of us is not a potential Verlaine and Picasso, we can feel the art atmosphere of Paris here. Place Pigalle is a Parisian answer to Amsterdam as local red lights district. In addition, you must find time to visit places like Moulin Rouge, Sacre-Coeur, Montmartre vineyard, Place du Tertre, Museum of Salvador Dali.

19th District

If someone believes that 19th district on the outskirts of Paris has nothing interesting, then this is a misconception. Parks Buttes-Chaumont (called the Tuileries for the people) and La Villette (it is entertaining and educational complex “town of science and industry”), a concert hall Zenith – what you need visit in Paris. But overall it is an inexpensive sleeping area.

20th District

Some time ago the present 20th arrondissement of Paris was only a rural suburb and industrial area, as we can see many reminders of it. Now it is the place that a lot of immigrants have chosen to live in regarding the affordable and attracting prices of this parisian districts. If you want to get a bit of rest, you can have a walk at the Père Lachaise cemetery where all of the best french writers are resting in peace. Unfortunately if you love to shoot on your camera beautiful views and sights, this place is not the best one for you.