How does it work?

Millions of people around the world choose to rent apartments instead of hotels for the comfort and experience. Here’s how we can help you book your apartment in Paris:

1. Choose.

Look through our catalog to find an apartment that suits you.

2. Inquire.

Once you have found the apartment for you, look for the big blue “Book now” button to the right. If you have trouble finding something suitable, ask us for assistance.

3. Wait.

A manager will get back to you during working hours. If the apartment is unavailable, the manager will provide you with similar offers.

4. Reservation and Payment.

If the apartment is available, you can reserve it by logging into your account, filling out the contract information, and paying the agency fees. Soon after, you will receive a contract from the owner and request for half of the total rental price.

5. Arrive!

When you make it to the airport, confirm your arrival with us. You have the option to arrange a transfer with us and have a driver meet you. A manager or the owner will be waiting for you in front of the building to perform check-in.

6. Enjoy your stay!

Now you are free to explore Paris and make the most of your stay!