Warning! Parisian pickpockets put at warpath

Paris is the city loved by millions people around the world, who crowd streets of this charming megalopolis in every season of the year. However, in Paris, as in other big cities in the world, all tourists have to be on the alert.

So, according to an annual report of the police department of Paris, number of crimes was increased in the city considerably for the last eleven months.

Number of thefts in buses rose by 26 percent as compared with the same period of 2011, on the railway – by 19 %.

Thus, if you are going to Paris for vacations or business trip, be very careful in morning hours more than usual. Peak of Parisian pickpockets activity is just in the morning.

Police of the French capital has announced some steps directed against thieves, but we will be able to know results only some months later. And now, just be more careful and try not to attract an unwarranted attention to your person, this will help you to avoid unpleasant situations during Paris visit.

Our best wishes in the eve of Chrictmas and New Year celebrations,

GlamourApartments Team