Nudists in Paris: permission for own zone in a public park is received

Nudism (or naturism) is a popular enough occurrence as over the world as in France in particular. Nudists of Paris wanted to get a place for their free pastime from the city’s authorities and, after all, they got it. 🙂

If you’re a lover of recreation without clothes, so now you can spend time with pleasure in Bois de Vincennes – a place with a size of about a football field has been reserved for nudists. This place is located near the bird sanctuary and marked with special signs.

By the words of a representative of Paris nudists association, the city demonstrates its openness again, setting up such a place in a public park.

Of course, the main condition is a full absence of voyeurism and exhibitionism. Nudists themselves will watch over compliance with the rules of behaviour.

As well, now in Paris, there is a public swimming pool (Piscine Roger Le Gall (nudiste), 34 Boulevard Carnot, 75012 Paris) where three times in a week you can swim naked.