Medical Care in France

Going on a trip, it is necessary to consider all the details. Familiarize yourself with places where you can get medical aid in France. Medical assistance may be necessary for you or your family at the most unexpected time of a trip.

A characteristic feature of the French health care system is the following: all services are fully paid by a patient during an appointment with a doctor. Medicines at the chemist’s are also paid by a sick person. So do not be surprised that you will have to pay all amounts on the spot. Insured residents of France and the European Union are reimbursed, depending on the type of their insurance, from 30 to 100 % of the cost by their insurance companies. Thus, we strongly recommend you to make your travel insurance in order to get back the money spent on medical treatment.

Another fact that may surprise you is that the French in case of sudden health problems call firefighters or in emergency cases, the rescue team. They’ll take you to hospital if necessary.

Short number of firefighters -18, short emergency number -112. Both numbers work when you dial directly from the mobile phone.

If you’re lucky, you may have an English-speaking doctor (if you don’t speak French) in a hospital. As for other languages -speaking doctors, of course, in such a huge metropolis you will find them. However, you must set up an appointment with the doctor in advance.

As for the prices for a GP consultation, the average cost is from 20 to 30 euros. Specialized doctors are often more expensive.

We hope that this information will serve you only for educational purposes and never prove useful in practice.

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