Giant Ferris Wheel is coming back to Paris

One of the world’s largest mobile Ferris wheel will appear again on Champs Elysees near Place de la Concorde in Paris in November.

Why mobile and why again? Firstly this 60-meter Ferris Wheel was built in the French capital on the eve of the millennium, and it had to be demolish in January 2000.

However, Roue De Paris was so popular that it had been decided to leave it for one more year.

But even after that the owner has refused to dismantle the ferris wheel. Only this construction was not so fortunate as the Eiffel Tower, which according to the project must be installed temporarily.

Paris city hall won in court and Roue De Paris has gone to travel across Europe. At first it got to Britain and later – to Holland.

In spite of the popularity of the Ferris wheel we have to recognize the position of the authorities of the French capital – no matter how popular the wheel was, it had destroyed the overall architectural conception, evolving for centuries. The place, where Roue De Paris was, offers the magnificent view linking Louvre with a courtyard of the Arch of Louis XIV, Champs Elysees with Arc de Triomphe, Avenue of Grand Army with Arch La Defense.

“Ferris wheel” returned to the French capital only in 2007. However, Champs Elysees receives it only for a few winter months. This year the wheel will be gathered on November 18 and dismantled on February 19.

Roue De Paris will be opened from 10.30 to 0.00 – in good weather. The cost of a ticket – 10 Euros for adults and 5 for children over 10 years.