Game Story – the 40th anniversary of video games

Exhibition Game Story, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of video games, has being prepared for the opening in Grand Palais. Organizers of the event plan to take thousands of visitors from France and other countries.

From November 10 to January 10 the guests will see the evolution of the computer games – from the first monochrome arcades to modern, realistic playing 3D universes, wonder how quickly PCs and consoles have developed, hear the first primitive melodies what were heard in the games, and modern symphonies, accompanying the missions. The organizers collected alive “ancient” game consoles and computers in the exhibition hall thereto.

The exhibition offers its visitors an ideal opportunity to feel nostalgic for video games of their childhood and then to see recent achievement of the game industry. “Game Story” will show a number of interesting presentations, as well as workshops and conferences for the developers. The main theme of them will be an aesthetic development of video games and their influence on the world culture.

When you see and hear everything you want at the show Game Story – visit the Museum of discoveries and inventions, located in the same Grand Palais complex, in its west wing. The museum exposition covers all natural sciences in a visual form – in the form of interactive experiments – and shows that knowledge you have already forget thoroughly since your school years.

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