Cityscoot – rent electric scooters in Paris

After a year of test regime, the service Cityscoot is now officially available for Parisians and visitors of the city. This project is the next step of the authorities and business to unload the capital’s roads, to decrease noise on the streets and to improve environmental situation in the city.

As you probably know, there are services on renting bicycles (Velib) and electric cars (Autolib) in Paris. And Cityscoot became the third option to rent an ecologically clean vehicle for all who needs a transport in the city.


At the current moment, Cityscoot offers 150 scooters which are used in the central zone of Paris, and to March, 2017 their number will be increase up to 1000 units.

A pleasant feature of this service is absence of any terminals. To find and pay a scooter you just need to install the Cityscoot application on your smartphone, which helps to find a nearest vehicle available for rent, to know its battery charging level and even to get a 10-minute free ride.

If you want to prolong the scooter’s rent, the app will give you a code to unlock it. The rent is over when you return your scooter to a parking spot within the Cityscoot zone.

Cityscoot map

Cost of services: 0,28 Euro\Min. Also there are package fares: 25 Euro per 100 minutes and 100 Euro – per 500 minutes.
The scooters are available from 7-00 a.m. till 11-00 p.m.

* Requirement: a client must be of the full legal age (over 18). And you do not need a driver’s licence.