Will save money in Paris?

Millions of tourists from all over the world come to Paris annually, what, of course, makes the city on the Seine one of the most expensive on the planet. The prices here are really not the cheapest, so if you’re not Bill Gates, there is a desire to save money. Paris is a city with all sorts of attractions that you want to visit. But, you will not find enough time for all of them, and in many cases just – money. So the topic of the saving is more than relevant.

In this article we would like to give some advices to travelers arriving in Paris how to spend less money during the trips.

It is obvious that when you arrive in an unknown city, of course, the first necessary thing is a city map. Paris maps are available at all bookstores and newsstands, however, it is already a certain amount of money. But, there is a possibility to get a map of Paris for free. You just need visit Paris city tourist office located on rue des Pyramides 25 (metro: Opera, Pyramides, Tuileries). Those people who stay in hotels may ask for a map at the reception.

Are you going to Paris to go to museums? In this case you should know that most public Paris museums are free for visitors on the first Sunday of each month and maybe there is a sense to plan your trip at this time. The only trouble may be that the fans of “free lunch” are quite a lot, and you will have to wake up very early.

At other time many museums organize “happy” hours (usually in the evenings) for the visitors when they can visit the exhibition at good discounts. Often you can even save up to 80% of the ticket price. Interested? Choose museums, open their sites and look for information about the “happy” hours.

Hotels offer different excursions, but they are usually quite expensive. But in cheap hostels you can find leaflets on the free tours. Do you live in an expensive hotel or rent apartment in Paris, but who will prevent you to come into a next hostel and take a few booklets. These tours are unique in that they are usually on foot, and guides can show tourists interesting places that are not on the maps of official tours.

Also we can not exclude an option to get to the place you are interested in by the use of a small “bribe” for a guide. Paris is Paris, where people do not like to hitchhike for a fee.

What interesting sights can be visited for free at all? Naturally, churches! And Paris has a lot of them, even not just churches, but the monuments of architecture!

Certainly, you could hear about Paris Visite. But if you want to save this card can be rather expensive. It is profitable when you have time to visit one or two dozen museums for a day. But, believe, it is almost impossible, if you are not «speedy Gonzales»

Well, we hope for the benefit of our advice for saving your wallets!