Villandry — paradise gardens of the Renaissance

Castles of the Loire valley (Châteaux de la Loire) are correctly considered one of the brightest symbols of France. And talking about these places, we can’t but visit the castle of Villandry located 15 kilometers to the west from the town of Tours.

You obviously might ask what so remarkable about this castle is. Well, firstly, Villandry is the brightest example of the Renaissance architecture. Besides, appearance of the buildings has much in common with Italian medieval castles, even more than with its French brothers. And the reason is that Jean de Breton – one of the owners of the estate – who visited Italy many times on diplomatic affairs, had been impressed by Apennines architecture.

However, this offspring of Scotsmen loved gardens of those places most of all, which got recognition on paintings of many artists of the Renaissance.

The gardens of Villandry are true masterpieces of the French landscape art, whereby the castle became very popular and attended landmark out of Paris borders.

Nowadays the gardens have three levels (terraces). The middle one is on the same level as ground-floor rooms of the castle. It is a theme “garden of love” with beautiful and original allegories on this eternal topic. The lower garden is a distinctive vegetable garden. The top garden – a garden with fruit trees and lots of paths running through all its territory.

VillandryThe third argument of the castle of Villandry exceptionality is the inside fittings of the rooms which amaze by splendour. Wonderful interiors; great furniture of rare wood and chic silks manufactured at the famous weaving factory of Tours; posh blinds – all that makes an inexpressible colour and gives perfect emotions when you walk along the rooms of the mansion.

Generally speaking, the Castles of the Loire valley must be part of a tourist programme of everyone who wants to trip through France without limiting yourself to Paris only. And the castle and gardens of Villandry – the real zest of this region!

Want to have an unforgettable vacation? Head on to Villandry – a gem of the Renaissance under the 21th century sky!