Village Saint-Paul

Surely, you will not be surprised if we tell you that Paris is a city where there is everything – even the most seemingly amazing places. Museums and galleries, markets and parks… This is all you have already seen, and if you have not seen, then read about them a lot of interesting things. But have you heard that there is a village in the city on the Seine? So, that’s true! And this is Le Village Saint-Paul.

Of course, this is not an ordinary village in “classical” sense of it – with wooden houses, vegetable gardens, cow and sheep at the meadows… The village of St. Paul is located in the famous Parisian area of Le Marais and is a surprisingly beautiful mix of a modern tourist city and a medieval French capital. Walking along the village’s streets, you will get acquainted with the centuries-old history of Paris through colorful gothic architecture, art galleries, antique shops; enjoy your time in cozy and hearty cafes.

If you look at history of Saint-Paul village, it appeared on the map thanks to the King Charles V Wise. Being still quite a young man, the monarch ascended the throne at the very beginning of the Hundred Years War. France was devastated and life of the country’s population had beed more than difficult, what inevitably led to all sorts of conflicts in society. And very soon the revolt took place in the capital. Since the king’s residence was located in the heart of Paris – on the island of Cité, fearing for his life, the 19-year-old Charles left the city and moved to the Vincennes Castle. And after the suppression of the revolt, the young ruler did not want to return to the old palace (today we know it as Conciergerie) and ordered to built a new one. That’s how Saint-Paul appeared – a new royal residence near Bastille (there was no Louvre yet, by the way).

Today, Village Saint-Paul is a cozy quiet nook of medieval Paris with original old facades, legendary flea markets (on weekends). It is also a favorite place of creative bohemia.

Take time and stroll around Le Marais and you will not regret, Village Saint-Paul will bring you very pleasant experiences!