Long ago Paris has a reputation of one of the most elegant, beautiful and visited cities of the world. And there is nothing surprising that millions people from different countries dream to come to this amazing city and to admire its beauty, becoming only better with age, by own eyes.

In this small article we would like to focus on not the most famous place in the world, but one of the most visited in Paris, because it is located next to the famous Eiffel Tower. This is Trocadero!

Directly opposite the engineering masterpiece of Eiffel tourists can see the Palais de Chaillot – large pavilions with oservation points, designed for many travelers who want to admire the Tower.

Also this is location of the green park complex Trocadero, whose main “zest” is the largest Parisian fountain.

And on top of the hill you will find the Place du Trocadero, which got its name from this hill. The hill was named in honor of the victory of the French army at the siege of the Spanish fort Trocadero in 1823.

At the Palais de Chaillot you can visit the museums of cinema, human and the Maritime Museum. In the eastern part of the Trocadero there is a large underground “Trocadero Aquarium” with representatives of the various fishes from French rivers. Passy Cemetery is located to the south-west of the square, where the remains of many prominent persons of the world of art are, such as an actor of silent films Pearl White, painters Edouard Manet and Berthe Morisot, a composer Claude Debussy.

The Trocadero is also a place where wide avenues start and go to different directions. There is a long pool with gilded statues. In cafes with outdoor terraces you can always have a tasty lunch.

Going down the hill and passing over the bridge of Jena you’ll come to the Champ de Mars with its “pearl” the Eiffel Tower and the Military Academy (by the way, Napoleon Bonaparte was its student).

Modern Trocadéro area is a prestigious part of Paris with elite expensive restaurants, hotels and cars, the most well-kept streets. Such popular sights like the Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe are within walking distance from the square.

We will not write one more time about the beauty of this place, just visit it and you’ll see it yourself!