Tour of Montmartre

You are going for vacation to Paris, but have no ideas how to spend time, what places to visit? Well, it happens with many travelers, arriving to an unknown city. But do not panic, because Paris is so various and multifaceted, that every person will discover many new and interesting. Numerous museums, galleries, historical monuments, unique cafes, wonderful old quarters, squares… These and much more constantly attract millions of tourists from all over the world.

It’s impossible to cover the whole Paris in one article, thousands books are written about the city, but in many ways it is still a mystery. First of all, the mystery of Paris is its unique incomparable with any other spirit. Of course, many areas of the city were built recently, but there are places where time is powerless, and Paris is Paris. And the hero of our today’s story – the legendary Parisian hill of Montmartre.

We will not write about the air in Montmartre, why the spirit of Paris is here – you need to feel it yourself, it is impossible to describe in words. Our goal is to offer you a little virtual tour of the most remarkable sights of the hill. To the effect that Montmartre was once the heart of bohemian and cultural life of Paris we had briefly mentioned earlier.

So, what does Montmartre offer tourist?

Firstly, talking about this place in Paris, we should mention Basilica of Sacre Coeur (Basilique du Sacré Cœur) – a magnificent temple built in memory of the soldiers who died during the war between France and Prussia in 1871. The church is very beautiful, and it is considered one of the most striking monuments of its time. But, not only for its internal and external decoration Sacre Coeur attracts people. Many guests of the city come here in order to admire the beautiful view of Paris from the height of the hill.

What do Parisians call the center of Montmartre? The answer is very simple. Place du Tertre – the real heart of the hill. At one time it was the main village square, which had become a favorite inhabitation of artists, even such famous figures as Maurice Utrillo or Picasso. Today Place du Tertre is not the center of modern French art, but, nevertheless, it kept remains of past greatness in a form of local artists and cartoonists who are ready to write your portrait or caricature right here for relatively little money. Also you can buy souvenirs and spend time in one of the many cafes.

Another notorious square of Paris – Pigalle. In the beginning of the last century young and talented artists from all over Europe (then it was a real International in Montmartre) came here in search of attractive sitter for their next masterpiece or to just have fun with the girls of not very strict breeding. Today, Pigalle is a district of red lights. Museum of erotica, sex shops, strip clubs, brothels… But if you are traveling with children, this item of your program would probably have to be deleted 🙂

Almost everyone heard this name. Moulin Rouge! The famous cabaret is located near Place Pigalle. Visitors of the legendary Red Mill come here to see a chic show “Extravaganza” with the real French cancan. Here, everything is almost identical to what was a hundred years ago. It’s impossible to tell about this, so just go there and experience the unique atmosphere.

Moulin Rouge is not the only cabaret in Montmartre, there is no less popular one – “Agile Rabbit” (Le Lapin Agile). Once its regular guests were such iconic figures as Picasso, Modigliani and Renoir. Agree, more than worthy advertisement for a cabaret.

Paris – a city of museums. Montmartre also has its own museum, which is called Museum of Montmartre. Its exposition: drawings, photographs, objects, documents – anything that has a connection with the history of the hill, its former bohemian life. It is noteworthy that the museum is located in the premises of an old studio of famous Auguste Renoir.

Leaving the museum we get into the vineyard of Montmartre. In the past local wine came on tables of the kings, now masters produce only about a thousand bottles per annum for a traditional wine festival with tastings, fairs and party.

And in the end few words about the sculpture “Passing through walls” (Le passé-muraille) dedicated to the famous French writer Marcel Aime. The statue shows the author as a hero of his popular short story. The author of this creation was a great actor (part-time poet and sculptor) Jean Marais – an amazing performer of roles Count of Monte Cristo and Fantomas.

True, we should not think that Montmartre has no more values for tourists. No! Each of you will find here many interesting things. Maybe even something what only you can see!