To Paris in winter?

Somebody can say that there is no a great difference where to go to one or another city, because streets, houses, monuments, museums… remain to be at their places. The weather in rainy London in a little different from the weather in Berlin at the same time (of course, excepting famous London fog 🙂 ). However, in truth it is a very perfunctory view, every city (no matter – New York, Warsaw, Stockholm, Mexico…) has its own unique distinctive features in summer and winter, in spring and autumn. And since our site is dedicated to Paris, today we would like to say on the merits of Paris in winter – after all, it’s winter now 🙂

Probably, the main advantage of Paris in winter – absence of a huge number of tourists from all over the world. The exceptions are Christmas and New Year. This allows you to see this wonderful city in a different way – freely and without rush. Winter in the French capital can be compared with a quiet family celebration, while in any other season the city looks more like a noisy friendly party. Thereat, if you’re going to look at usual sincere Paris – come here in winter. Believe, in winter this city becomes more colorful and romantic, fairly melancholic.

Paris weather in winter would scare just inhabitants of a very hot country. As a rule, it’s quite warm – very rarely the air temperature is below five degrees centigrade, so you will not feel uncomfortable. The only problem can be the high humidity (Atlantic coast is not far) and drizzle with a rare snow.

If we talk about visiting of many museums in the city and other attractions, it is obvious that wintry Paris has its advantages. As we have already said, the number of visitors is significantly decreased, what means that the problem of queues (eg, at the Louvre) is becoming less relevant. In this case you have more time for visiting of other places in the city. The same can be said about the family vacation – in winter you with children can easily get to the famous Disneyland.

Winter in Paris attracts shoppers. If you’re a big fan of stylish shopping – this city is for you. Paris is the capital of fashion, style and, accordingly, numerous boutiques, which cut their prices in winter. For example, sales of the previous collections of many famous fashion houses start in January (maybe it’s time to get your ducks in a row for the trip? 😉 )

Naturally, in Paris in winter you can find not only the positive features, but in any case, believe, that there are many more than negative ones!