Thoiry Park

Can you imagine what there is a safari in Paris? But it is! Not in Paris, but very close, near the forest Rambouillet. This is Thoiry Safari Park, where animals from around the world live in free conditions, without cells and special cages. Welcome to Thoiry park!

According to many people, this park, situated around a beautiful old palace, is one of the best zoos on the planet, because there are hundreds of species of wild animals, and they all are kept in conditions close to their natural habitats.

Here you can see different animals what you’ll never see together in the same area. Bears peacefully coexist with giraffes, elephants with wild boars, tigers with lions…

As Thoiry park is rather large, you need to plan 4-6 hours to see  the maximum.

Thoiry’s gardens are also very interesting, hundreds of unique species of trees, shrubs and other vegetation grow here.

To appreciate the merits of Thoiry park you should arrive there by car. Just remember that you will be surrounded by wild animals, so please do not open the windows of your car to avoid unpleasant consequences.