The wall of love? Of course, in Paris!

Paris has many notable sights, but as it is called the City of Love, so be sure to visit the Wall of Love, appeared in the French capital at the beginning of this millennium. And for this short term it became very popular tourist object which attracts thousands of Parisians and visitors of the city.

So, no wonder that Paris is called the City of Love. Right here on Montmartre at the Wall of Love (Le mur des je t’aime) you can wish an object of your passion to return affection.

Find here a confession written in your native language. Hold your hand to it – and wish that someone you love to say in return. And you will find the love for all life, if it has not happened before. The desire will necessarily come true — you may not to believe but there are matters of record :-).

By the way, it’s an mistaken opinion that Paris should be visited by a couple? Certainly not! The city of love is full of lonely hearts. And if you have not found your soul mate – try to make it here in the romantic capital of the world! Directly near the wall of love or at any other point of the city.


According to recent statistics, nearly a third of Parisians lives in loneliness. More than a half of them are women. At the same time a significant proportion — students.

Do not be afraid to come to Paris alone. This majestic city is not limited with sights. Seeing those of them that can not be missed in any case, pay your attention to quiet streets remote from the tourist center, cafes where the number of your countrymen does not exceed the number of Parisians.

Do not feel shy to meet new people, learn the most romantic language in the world, communicating with native speakers ! And who knows, maybe you’ll start a new story of love.