The square and Madeleine Church – the real Parisian magnificence

Of course, Paris is a city possible to speak and write about infinitely. Having told you about one hundred sights and other interesting places of the French capital, we understand that it is only a small shred of what is in this remarkable city and that is noteworthy for a traveler. This time La Madeleine becomes object of our story. It has appeared on the map of the city during emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. The majestic church became one more monument glorifying victories of the army on the battle fields.

The given construction has uneasy history of building, but nevertheless, for today it is possible to tell that Le Madeleine church is the majestic temple shined through the big arch of a dome, decorated with magnificent Corinthian columns and Greek facades, executed in classical architectural style.

The church history has begun in 1764. After thirteen years the main architect of the project that has led to serious revision of ground plans has died, and as a result the decision to construct a crosswise Greek classical Christian temple was accepted. After Great revolution the authorities of that time, used this construction under their own discretion far from the religious. But all has changed with Bonaparte’s coming to power who has wanted to transform a cathedral into a temple to the glory of Napoleon’s army, subdued half of European continent. For this reason in 1806 for an idea embodiment a known architect Pierre-Alexandre Vignon has been employed. The work has begun. But, at that time France was a restless country, and in 1814 coming back on throne the king Louis XVIII has ordered to return the building the church status.

Concerning Le Madeleine it is necessary to tell that if outwardly the construction looks a little conservatively, the internal part differs with the big scope thanks to the magnificent frescoes.

Visiting Le Madeleine you take pleasure not only in viewing of the construction, but also can visit the magnificent flower market located in immediate proximity. The most popular place among tourists after the temple on Madeleine square is considered the well-known shop “Fauchon” which is famous for the delicacies attracting thousands of gourmets. And having roamed round the cathedral, well-founded gourmets will open for themselves one more excellent place where it is possible to simply admire the most beautiful show-windows or to buy the tastiest truffles or products from red and black caviar.

In general, the area of the Madeleine square has a reputation among tourists as one of the most attractive places for visiting thanks to the big number of interesting things to see. Many of travelers prefer to rent apartment in Paris in this area. We wish you pleasant excursions!