The Seine is not just a river for Paris

In spite of the fact that we tell much about the Parisian sights, we haven’t devoted any article, perhaps, to one of the main things in this wonderful city. The Seine – the River without which it is simply impossible to imagine Paris, and so was always.

The well-known French river the Seine starts in Burgundy province and has extent a little less than eight hundred kilometers, mostly proceeding on the Parisian pool which is also called the North French lowland. The Seine has some inflows most known of which are Oise, Aube, Marne – on the left side, Yonne – on the right.

Throughout many centuries since the first tribes of Celts have lodged here, the Seine is not just a river, but a heart and soul of each Parisian. Besides that the river is the serious navigable highway connecting Rouen, Havre and Paris. Thanks to numerous channels, the Seine has a direct exit into other French rivers. The importance of the Seine for Paris proves to be true: it divides the city in two parts and is privately considered the twenty first Parisian district (there are officially 20 of them).

If to consider the Seine from the point of view of its banks it is natural that there are two of them – right and left. The right bank is considered business and trading part of Paris while the left is famous for educational and cultural activity.

As for the Parisian sights on the right bank of the Seine there are Louvre museums,  le jardin des Tuileries, Arch Triomphe and Place de la Concorde, the well-known theater Opéra Garnier, Montmartre with its magnificent Moulin Rouge, a nice Catholic church Basilique du Sacré Cœur well-known for the whole world.

The left bank of the Seine is one of  modern Paris symbols – Tour Eiffel, the Luxembourg garden with Medici’s majestic palace, most of educational institutions under the aegis of Sorbonne, D’Orse Museum and many others. For each Parisian the left bank of the Seine is not a geographical concept, it is a unique indicator of an original way of life that is historically connected to many representatives of art and bohemia who lived, worked and had a good time here. Such people are called “Bo-Bo” (shortening from “bohemia” and “bourgeois”) in the French capital.

Speaking about the Seine, it is necessary to stop on its bridges, being binding arteries between its banks and Île de la Cité on which Paris has arisen. The Pont Neuf, bridges of Normandy, Pont Saint-Louis, Pont Notre-Dame, Pont Saint-Michel, Pont au Change, Petit Pont connect different banks of the river and can tell travelers many Parisian stories.

Today the Seine has many admirers gathering on its quays. Here there are various actions, concerts, theatrical performances, discos, festivals are constantly organized. On landing stages you can always see tens of beautiful boats, barges and yachts, in which people live (!!!). Tourist vessels offering unique river excursions ply on the Seine.

But, the main this river can brag is its unique spirit. Believe, a usual walk on quay of the Seine or an excursion by a tourist boat will bring magnificent impressions to you.