Musee du Parfum in Paris

At all times Paris attracted a large quantity of people from various corners of our planet as in this splendid city there is something interesting and novel absolutely for any traveler. Every year the number of the tourists coming to the French capital invariably increases, and the city is the most visited among all tourist centers of the world scale.

In Paris even a small child who has arrived here with parents, will find how to occupy himself; and a lonely young man, thirsting adventures, and a beautiful woman searching for new flash of emotions. In this article we would like to stop on a place any modern woman (no matter what her way of life or social status is) would like to visit. It is in the city of love and fashion – Paris, and is called also known as the Fragonard Musee du Parfum.

In this place the representatives of a fine half of mankind can take pleasure in fragrant notes of vigorous Freesia, mysterious violets, royal rose, romantic musk and other flowers. Perhaps, only here it is possible to “feel” the unique compositions made by the best masters-perfumers, – refined, light, serene whiffs of a spring breeze, or tart, frank-expressive and devilishly attracting. Under its arches Museum Fragonard (Musee du Parfum) has collected perfumery aromas, and masterpieces among aromas, the smells created by the best representatives of the trade. Having visited Paris and having come here, you have an opportunity to plunge into the world of aromas which is created in the well-known Alpine Grasse.

This oasis of perfumery has received its name in honor of the well-known French painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard whose name is immortalized as well by the name of one of the smartest parkways of the capital. Actually, in this particular street the Fragonard center was founded by Mister Jean-François Costa who has continued his grandfather’s Eugène Fuch business (earlier he has founded   similar museum in Grasse). Since then the unique collection of the perfumery aromas with no analog present in the world has been collected.

Visitors of the museum are amazed by the possibility to get acquainted with the novel world of the best aromas ever created, by originality of the premises design: Fragonard’s art creations, unique stucco molding on the walls, perfectly well picked up chandeliers of crystal.

The special impression is made by the selection of ancient furniture in halls of museum Fragonard, the coppers used once at perfumery factories. The exposition is supplemented with various ornaments, design elements, silk and cotton attires brought from different places.

The main thing in this museum is that you can receive unforgettable impressions and also get the pleasant perfumery which will remind of this place after returning home for reasonable price.

Our story has turned out short, but after all it should be, as no words will replace these magic aromas at Le Musee du Parfum on 9 rue Scribe, Paris.