The Matignon garden in Paris is opened for the public

Since January, 2013 everyone may stroll through one of the most beautiful Paris garden, planted near the official residence of the French Prime Minister, – Matignon Palace.

This large (2,4 hectare) park will be opened for visitors every first Saturday of the month. From November to March – 01:00-05:00 p.m., April – October – 01:00-06:30 p.m.

History of the park around the palace, known also under the name of Hôtel Matignon, had begun in 1902. Its creator Achille Duchêne combined in his brainchild classic French style, going to make natural objects symmetrical, and aesthetics of “chaotic” English parks. Incompatible? The Matignon garden proves the contrary!

One of the most amazing parks in Paris is also interesting for the fact that all French Prime Ministers, starting from Raymond Barre, and excepting Jacques Chirac only, had planted a tree here.

So, Matignon park got many “personalized” maples, oaks, elms… Nowadays we can see more than a hundred different trees and bushes in the park.

Undoubtedly, the palace itself is also very interesting for Parisians and guest of the city, because the Hôtel Matignon has a rich history. Its construction began in 1722. Since that time the palace had lots of owner, including such famous Frenchmen as Talleyrand and Napoleon.