Sorbonne — centuries-old traditions of the European education

Education is a serious business, therefore each person chooses the higher educational institution considering it the most suitable to receive necessary knowledge. As well as in other spheres among the educational centers there is its own hierarchy, and accordingly there are universities in which it is more prestigious to study and in a consequence more useful.

As our resource is devoted to life in Paris, we would like to stop on the university which name is for many centuries a synonym of magnificent education, and its diploma is almost 100 percent guarantee of employment for the young expert. Sorbonne — is the main educational centre of France, in which on a free basis any person who properly knows French can apply for studying. Especially pleasantly for foreign students (namely on such Russian-speaking students we focus the given material) is  that they shouldn’t pay for a quality education, but at certain point can apply  for the high school grant – not big, but, as they say, a spare cash does not happen. Especially for a student from other country.

The university known today as the Sorbonne, has been founded in 1215 – during King Louis IX reign. The establishment has drawn attention of people from all Europe practically at once.  Representatives of the noblest families of France, British Isles and Sacred Roman Empire were among students and teachers. The advantage of the Sorbonne at all times was that talented people from any social layer could always get education at this university. And already then access to education has been open for inhabitants of any corner of the world. Today, for example, within the precincts of this great university about 10 thousand citizens of other states are trained.

If to speak about modern Parisian Sorbonne after grandiose student’s demonstrations in 1968 the university authorities have preferred to carry out reorganization of the university and to divide it into seventeen separate elements. Even though they don’t have general supervising structure, however in each of branches the binding to the general sports centre, department of vocational guidance and other structures is kept.

Despite the division of the legendary university, all branches which have received independence continue to adhere to old traditions in the activity.

If you wish to get education within the precincts of nice faculties of the Parisian university, you should receive the diploma about the high school termination, the permission to training, good knowledge of the French language and to have financial guarantees on residing at Paris. It is necessary to solve only standard visa questions and to go to comprehend medieval traditions of the European education.

Addresses of all universities having relation to the ancient Sorbonne, you will find in numerous information prospectuses or in the Internet.

We wish you success in your undertakings and receiving education in the Parisian university.