Searching spirit of the real Paris

Paris is a magnificent city. This is a fact known not only for the Parisians but almost for all inhabitants of other countries, who heard its name. Many of us know about the “classic” sights of the French capital even more than the residents of this wonderful country :-). Agree, there are few people in the world who do not know Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or Notre Dame. But, believe, not only these and other well-known attractions help visitors of Paris to feel a real Paris spirit.

In today’s article we offer you a list of interesting places in Paris, which (in our view) would be nice to visit almost for every traveler, who finds himself in this legendary city. So, let’s begin our virtual tour of the “spiritual route”.

Many foreigners are interested in the first place in Parisian historical sights, but we have to keep in mind that Paris, like any big city, has constant changings, lives in step with the time, and that means – develops. There are new symbolic sights, the masterpieces of modern architecture. In this component you’ll not find a better place than the modern business center La Defense, where you can see the most striking trends in today’s French architecture. We recommend you take a tour in this area with its ultra-modern skyscrapers. Paris of the future starts right here.

If you have romantic sentiments, being in Paris, you should go for a walk along the Seine in the Latin Quarter. This is the place where the true Parisian spirit is in every corner, every stone on the streets. The old traditions are kept in its many coastal cafes, antiquarian and all sorts small shops. We will not talk much about it, just go there and see all with your own eyes.

How do you think, do the local aborigines like to spend their free time in Paris? It’s difficult to believe, but they leave the city at the first opportunity, giving Paris “insatiable” for experience tourists, especially in the summer season. However, there is a place where not only tourists but also Parisians like to be – Jardin des Tuileries. Once it was a place of rest for the representatives of the higher strata of society, today it is open for everyone. This is a beautiful park with rides, alleys, benches, ponds, ornamental shrubs and flower beds.

Naturally, when talking about the Parisian spirit, you can not ignore Montmartre. Visit the less promoted but more emotional than Moulin Rouge cabaret Lapin Agile, located in the northern part of the hill. Many years ago Parisian poets and artists loved to meet at this place, and their unseen presence we can feel even today.

To see the real rest of Parisians you can in Parc Monceau. You will not find crowds of tourists here, this is a piece of Paris for Parisians! But, please, do not worry, nobody will kick you out and casts unfriendly looks. Here everybody is interested only in own rest. Someone is just sitting on a chair, engaged in knitting the next pair of socks for beloved granddaughter, the retirees are playing petanque, the kids are quietly playing in the sandbox…

There are still many places, which are not written about on travel portals and in magazines, but no less interesting for the travelers. You may ask, how to find them? And the answer is simple: try to rent an apartment in Paris not in the center but in a usual sleeping area, walk on the streets of Paris and drop to the yards, because these are the places where mere people live, and this elusive spirit of Paris hides.