Sainte Chapelle – the uniqueness of Gothic architecture

We do not plan to stop our efforts and continue to tell you about interesting places in Paris what you can visit being in this city. Thanks to its sights the modern capital of France may offer a lot for residents and visitors, tell about its appearance many years ago, what happened at any historical moments.

Today we would like to wright some words about a beautiful chapel of Gothic architectural style – Sainte Chapelle, which was built by the imperial order of King Louis IX in 1242. According to a biblical legend, the crown of thorns is one of the most famous relics of the Christian world during thousands years. The Bible says that the crown was on the head of Jesus Christ when he had died on the cross. It’s not difficult to believe, because all sculpted crucifixes in churches have this element.

Sainte Chapelle became a kind of tribute which the mighty king of France gave the Son of God, and the crown of thorns was the main component. Everyone decides for himself, to believe in authenticity of the artifact or not, but the legend says thus.

Unique Gothic style of Sainte Chapelle is a wonderful example of architecture of those days. Style of the building clearly is single and complete, due to the fact that construction at all times was conducted under the guidance of one architect. Unfortunately, his name was lost for many centuries.
Since the opening, this sacred building was open for all stratums of the population of the city. The ground floor was intended for Parisian bourgeois (if we may say thus about the thirteenth century), the top floor was a preserve of the royal family, they preferred to communicate with God here.

We can describe the beauty and uniqueness of an upper (royal) part with its magnificent stained glass windows for a long time, but no words are able to convey all, what you must see to understand the genius of the author of the chapel. It should be noted that all windows of Saint-Chapelle occupy six and a half thousand square feet. Just imagine these beautiful stained glasses those age is about 800 years. But despite such advanced age, Sainte Chapelle is open for local parishioners and visitors of Paris these days. Moreover, it’s not just open for tourist visits, concerts of classical music are arranged under the arches of the chapel, and they collect the real connoisseurs of organ music.

The only thing what is currently absent in this unique Parisian chapel – the legendary crown of thorns of Jesus Christ. Nowadays it is in possession of the main city church treasury in Notre Dame.

This masterpiece of the medieval church architecture is located at: 4 bd. du Palais, Palais de Justice, Ile de la Cite (the 1st district of Paris), and is open for tourists round the year. Cost of tickets: from five to eight Euros for adults, children and young people under eighteen can visit the chapel for free.