Rural Paris

Summer… Paris… Heat… and you have already visited all tourist sights, tasted favourite dishes in the best restaurants of the city. Then, discover a new kind of recreation – rural tourism.

Are you surprised? Paris region has many private farms where all comers can have a possibility to spend good time and to become familiar with the country life, which the majority of city dwellers know only from the classic literature.

What is expected? Firstly, here you may buy good fresh fruit and vegetables at a price much lower than at Paris markets.

Secondly, lovers of flowers can compose a personal bouquet of plants grown there. Such service is available, for example, on the farm Cueillette de la Grange – 7 kilometers to the south-east from the French capital near the town of Coubert.

And the farm Cueillette de Plessis offers its guests not only fresh vegetables and fruit, but also delicious homemade sausages and personal participation in harvesting. This farm is located in Lumigny – 42 kilometers to the south-east from Paris.

Rural Paris

If you want to learn more about production of the famous French cheese, you should go to Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, where there is a small creamery on the Ferme de Coubertin. Here you’ll be offered to taste and purchase wonderful sorts of local cheese from cow and goat milk. This place is just 27 kilometers to the south-west from Paris.

If for any reason you can’t leave Paris for rural tourism, go to Bois de Vincennes where you’ll find a true farm with rabbits, horses, chickens, cows, sheep and pigs.

We wish you to have a nice time!

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