Ratatouille — new attraction in Paris Disneyland

Disneyland in Paris is the most popular amusement park not only in France but and in whole Europe. And it’s really cool that it continues to develop and offers us new entertainments. 2014 will not become an exception to the rule. They say that park authorities are going to open a new theme area “Ratatouille“ this summer!

From the title we can see that it will be connected with the same-name cartoon (which has already become a real cult), restaurant “Gusteau”. The main characters are a young rat Remi and his unfailing friend Alfredo Linguini.

Visitors of the Ratatouille attraction will get size of a simple mouse and find themselves in a beautiful magic world – in the cellar, kitchen, rooms of the Gusteau restaurant. And escaping from the main antagonist of the cartoon, the chief Skinner, you’ll have to jump into roller-coaster and drive like a wind.

Amazing and colorful mini-park made of Paris sets from the movie is planned to be constructed around, as well as Bistrot Chez Remi – a restaurant of the French cuisine. And try to guess what  the specialty of the house will be? Yeah, Ratatouille!

Have a nice time in Disneyland and Paris!